As far as possible, if you want me to give a session on something I know about, I’ll almost certainly be willing to do it. In particular I’m delighted to help out universities and IGDA chapters, but I enjoy speaking and if I possibly can fit you in, I will always try to.

My core subject is Artificial Intelligence – I’ve got a good understanding of most aspects of AI but my speciality is AI for video games. I also know a decent amount about Game Development, I have a decent knowledge of lots of maths and a fair amount of experience with community organisation. These are broadly my four main subject areas for speaking, but I’m definitely open to discussing other things you have in mind if you’d prefer.

As far as possible, I make slides of my sessions available afterwards (currently through Slideshare). If you’d rather I didn’t do this with your talk, let me know. I’m fairly¬†accommodating¬†about these things. Conversely, feel free to browse through and let me know if you see material you’d like me cover, or even an entire session you’d like me to give for you.

I live in Scotland, which makes transportation a bit of an issue and unless you’re prepared to pay to get me to your location and back, there’s a strong chance that it’s going to be less hassle all round to run the session online. This is something I’ve now done a few times, so it’s becoming less weird and there are some great free tools available for it such as Google Hangouts and Skype. Location and travel are something we can definitely discuss, but geography doesn’t have to stand in the way of me speaking for you.

If you have a budget to hire speakers, then that’s awesome. I like money, quite a bit if I’m honest. If you don’t have a budget for speakers, don’t worry too much about it, this is not necessarily a deal breaker.

If, after reading all this, you’re still thinking you might like to get me to speak at your event or class, then please feel free to drop me an email to luke <at>