I’m a very active public speaker – both in terms of frequency and energy. I’m passionate about an awful lot of subjects and I’m almost always willing to take some time out to give sessions on a topic I’m familiar enough with to talk comfortably. Just don’t ask me to talk quantum physics or something, I don’t know enough about it :) If you’d like to have me speak at your event, this page has more information.

Upcoming Talks

  • GDC 2014 – March 17th to 21st, San Francisco
    • Turing Tantrums – AI Developers Rant (Monday 17th 4.30pm, joint session)
    • IGDA Artificial Intelligence SIG Roundtable (Friday 21st 4pm)

Sample Talks

You can see a full list of of my past presentations here. Below are two I’m particularly proud of.