Luke has been a gamer for as long as he can remember, starting on a TI81 before he could talk properly. At about 13 years old he picked up a copy of Creatures, and from there his destiny was more or less fixed. He went on (several years later) to obtain a BSc(Hons) and MSc in Artificial Intelligence and Bio-Informatics from the University of Edinburgh, followed by an MRes with distinction in Autonomous Systems from the University of Strathclyde where he is now completing a PhD specifically investigating new approaches to NPC companion character AI in games.

In his free time Luke writes extensively for websites such as, Gamasutra and IGDA Perspectives, and has previously written for as well as occasionally writing for consumer-oriented gaming media. Over the last few years, he has given a variety of seminars and lectures on Game AI and Game Development around the world, from GDC in San Francisco, to IGDA chapters and even to high schools students.


In 2011, Luke set up Robot Overlord Games, a small studio that primarily provides contract development of AI systems for games. ROG has also been working on a first party title, “Easy Money?” which marries casual gameplay with a robust procedural generation system for level generation. Although still largely a hobby project, Robot Overlord Games is best known for having worked on Redshirt, a game being developed by Mitu Khandaker’s The Tiniest Shark, a studio based in England.

Luke became involved in the IGDA after winning an IGDA Scholarship to attend E3 in 2011. The following year, he went on to win a further two IGDA Scholarships (the “Eric Dybsand Memorial AI” Scholarship to attend GDC and another to attend Casual Connect and the IGDA Summit), becoming the first person to be a three-time IGDA Scholar. These experiences have prompted him to volunteer more and more of his time to the IGDA, rising to a position as a chapter leader for IGDA Scotland, becoming leader for the AI Special Interest Group and then heading up the IGDA Scholarships program. In early 2013, Luke was elected to the Board of Directors of the whole IGDA – the first person ever to be elected from outside of North America in the organisation’s almost 20 year history.

Although he spends the majority of his time behind a desk or at the front of a conference room, Luke enjoys playing guitar, cooking and photography. His first love, however, is his 90 year old classic racing yacht “Luna”.