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By the time you read this (yes I’m queuing up a bunch of posts from the past), I will hopefully be trying to find my feet in the wonderful Golden State. I figured I’d take the time to throw some links and videos out for sessions and articles I’ve been working on over the past 6 months and not really promoted here.

I wrote two pieces for Full Indie UK’s column at

In the first I talked about the work we’d been doing on Easy Money trying to use Player Profiling and data analysis to allow us to generate levels tailored specifically to individual player tastes. Alas I’ve had to leave this project in the capable hands of Verena Riedl to complete due to my move.

More recently I wrote about analytics and drew parallels between the way I see many teams approach analytics problems and the Ludic Fallacy presented by Nassim Nicholas Taleb in his book The Black Swan. An absolutely essential book for anyone with a mind for any kind of data analysis or AI.

I’ve also been running the IGDA’s webinar series for Artificial Intelligence which takes place on the second Wednesday of every month. This has altered between me arranging for a speaker to present something and occasionally jumping in and doing the session myself. Two recent ones, covering a basic Unity-based approach to different aspects of AI are embedded below. You should check out all the webinar videos, including some by some very prominent industry names.

Unity and Procedural Content Generation

Unity and NPC Control Systems