A Note on Networks and Biz Dev

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Email 25th April

Subject: Re: Audio Production

Hi Luke,

I understand that you’re the founder of Robot Overlord and was wondering if you ever outsource your audio work for projects you develop? :)

We, specialises in providing music for interactive media. We like working with indie developers and always try to understand what you or the clients want in terms of audio and bring them there. We have a few tracks on our website which you could have a listen to:

Out of curiosity, do you currently have a project that might need audio? It would be great if you could tell us more about it and see how we can help you.

I do look forward to your email. Have a lovely day. :)

Kind regards,

Email 7th June

Subject: Follow up

Hi Luke,

I sent you an email on the 25th of April and was wondering if you received it? :)

Looking forward to your response.

Kind regards,

LinkedIn 31st October

Hi Luke,

Thanks for the add. I actually sent you an email on the 25th of April but didn’t receive a reply, hence I thought it would be best to connect with you on LinkedIn.

I was wondering if you received it? I sent it to: luke@robotoverlord.co.uk


Please if you ever think about doing this, take a long hard look at yourself and ask if you want to be this industry’s equivalent of a double glazing salesman. I don’t enjoy getting random cold-call syle emails, but they’re a fact of life. The follow up is less common, but come on – the LinkedIn stalking? This isn’t how you effectively network or do bizdev. You want me to hire you? Get to a place where my influencers are saying nice things to me about you. Meet me in person and be a human fricking being instead of immediately going on the pitch. Don’t act like a corporate drone selling corporate crap. Don’t expect me to care about your thing anything remotely close to the level you do. You’re not entitled to my time just because you sent me an email.

You’re coming off as needy and desperate and clueless. To quote Greg Behrendt “he’s just not that into you”.

  • sherirubin

    Well you >DID< add him as a connection on LinkedIn if his LI message is to be believed – that gave him hope. ;)