Website Redesign

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As you may have noticed, the site has had a new lick of paint. Some of the old “branding” stuff like the header has been retained, other bits have fallen by the wayside, and there’s a bunch of stuff been polished or newly created to update the content of some areas from what was true two years ago – and more importantly what was relevant. For instance, I listed my social network links the last time I did a redesign, and neglected to include LinkedIn! There’s a few things not working great currently – images inline with text seems to be the big one, but it will get fixed over time!

I can’t take much/any of the credit for the new design. It’s the work of a guy called Alex Haslam. He previously did work for Verena and she highly recommended him when I was in the market for this work done, and now I have no problems doing the same. Seriously – if you need any web work doing, he’s cheaper than he should be, quicker than you think and far more diligent than I expected from someone doing a bit of web-work on the side. You can find Alex as @indiealexh on Twitter, or under Armoured Crow, which is the name of his development company.

If you have any comments on the new look, then please feel free to leave them below.