The Rest of 2013

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As you may have noticed, I’ve been pretty quiet on here lately except when I’ve been able to recycle some older material from things I’ve written previously and get them up. As always, events have got a bit away from me, and my new responsibilities with the IGDA have been sucking a lot of time, so I haven’t had a lot of chance to write insightful things, at least not here. The good news is I’m making good progress on my PhD so there’s insightful things being written there. Well, good for me at least.

Looking ahead, the rest of the year is going to continue to be fairly hectic. I’m running a panel at Develop this year, and it’d be great to see people in Brighton if you are around during that conference. I’m also going to be out at GDC Europe running the Scholars program there (and if you’re eligible to apply make sure you do – 14th June is the deadline). So that’s July and August. September I’m a bit hazier about as I’m hoping to submit my thesis that month, so I suspect I will be keeping my head down, and not attending the Vienna Game AI Conference this year, which will be my second year off in a row. October though I’m back on the road and I’m excited to be visiting Norway, Phoenix AZ and Boston MA minimally.

Most recently getting things organised for IGDA Scholars at E3 has been the thing taking the most of my time, so I’m hoping that things will ease up a bit but there is always one more crisis to be dealt with and more fires to put out!